Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensor Repairs

What is a NOx sensor?

To ensure that the car complies with emissions regulations, the NOx sensor in your car tracks the levels of nitrogen oxide that the engine releases. NOx sensors are prone to wear and tear, and like any vehicle parts, they could eventually stop working and need to be replaced. A buildup of soot that inhibits the sensor from sending out a signal is the most frequent reason for NOx sensor failure. When your dashboard’s warning light illuminates as a result of this, you should dial FitnFix Auto.

To make sure that the engine management light is genuinely being triggered by the NOx sensor when your vehicle is brought to our shop in Moordown, Bournemouth, we’ll scan the ECU for error codes. We can help you replace the sensor once that is confirmed. Another choice is to use a refurbished sensor, which won’t last as long as a brand-new one but can be more affordable. Contact our staff for additional details.

FitnFix Auto is one of Bournemouth’s leading independent garages, serving customers from all over the area with all their vehicle repairs and maintenance needs.

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